Monday, 29 December 2014

Pixie Lott Opens Up About Her Best Christmas Memory

British pop star Pixie Lott was left speechless one festive season when she was given a piano.
The Mama Do hitmaker was desperate to learn how to play the instrument during her childhood, and her devoted parents lovingly saved up to grant her wish.
And she is certain that Christmas was extra special as it sowed the seeds for her music career.
Lott tells Scotland's Daily Record newspaper, "It's probably Christmas morning when I came down the stairs and there was a massive piano just waiting for me and I was so speechless I just couldn't believe it, because I was like, 'Where have they been hiding this? Surely I couldn't have missed this - it's massive.' And it was the first time I was literally on camera and I had nothing to say, my mum had the home video camera but I couldn't speak."

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