Thursday, 13 April 2017

Pixie Lott Defends ‘The Voice Kids’, Insisting Children Should Be Allowed To Compete In The Show

Pixie Lott Defends ‘The Voice Kids’, Insisting Children Should Be Allowed To Compete In The Show

‘If they want to be in this job long-term, it’s better to have all those knockbacks and rejections from a really young age.’

 13/04/2017 14:59
Pixie Lott has responded to critics of the upcoming junior version of ‘The Voice’, amid an ongoing discussion about whether children should be appearing on reality TV.
The ‘Mama Do’ singer will serve as a judge on the upcoming first series of ‘The Voice Kids’, alongside McFly’s Danny Jones and regular ‘The Voice’ staple
In an interview with ‘BUILD’, she has defended the series from the suggestion that its contestants - aged between 7 and 14 years old - are too young to be taking part in a TV talent show.
Pixie Lott on ‘BUILD’
Pixie explained: “Because I have been doing this pretty much my whole life, I’ve had exactly the same experiences [as the contestants].
“At their age I was doing loads of auditions for things, and I actually think it’s better for kids, if they know that they want to be in this career and this profession long-term, then to have all those knockbacks and rejections that I had from a really young age.
“[Starting from a young age] just set me up so much better for now, because it makes you have a thicker skin.
“Now when [rejections] happen to me - which happens all the time - it’s just water off a duck’s back. I’m literally like, I’ve had this millions of time. Whereas if I was just experiencing it now, I think I would find it really, really tough.”
Pixie and her fellow coaches
She continued: “I think it’s great for [the young contestants] to experience that and to have those knockbacks. It makes you learn and it makes you come back stronger.
“And the kids that have been on the show, they’re fearless. They’re so excited to be there, they know they’re so young, they know it’s the beginning, they know they can go on and do a million other things, it’s not like this is their last chance.”
‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge Amanda Holden has previously hit back over the suggestion the ITV reality show was too harsh for its young participants, particularly after a handful have struggled with the pressure of live shows.
Amanda has judged every series of ‘BGT’ since it launched

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